Thursday, September 23, 2021

BUST-A-FIT: Alex Jackson talks Rico Nasty, being a black woman...

Byron Mason: We’re here with Alex Jackson. Artist, very stylish person. Tell me about your outfit from head to toe Alex Jackson: My shirt is...

How Staff Layoffs Affected DePauw Athletics

After completing the fall sports season, hear how two teams fared after staff layoffs last spring affected their coaching staffs.

Bust-A-Fit: Moisés Lopez Talks Queer Spaces, Representation and ICE

Byron: We’re here with Moisés. Always noticed you had a dope style. Very cool dude. Very stylish guy. Tell me about your outfit today. Moisés:...

PHOTOS: 126th Monon Bell Classic

A look at the 126th Monon Bell Classic.

Women’s Center Starts New Weekly Lunches

DePauw Women's Center is now hosting Women's Center Weekly on Thursdays from 11:30-12:30 p.m. The center invites students to stop by for free food...

The DePauw & D3TV: The Ghost Haunting Roy

Have you heard about the haunted books in Roy O. West library? The DePauw and D3TV talked with Wes Wilson about the ghost of Gov. James Whitcomb which supposedly guards the rare books he donated to the school.

What’s So Special About The Greenhouse

Want to know of a new place on campus with the highest potential of being one of the best study spaces at DePauw? Well,...

Bust-A-Fit: Halloween Edition

Byron: So we’re here with Alayna Trier for a special edition of Bust-A-Fit: The Halloween Edition. And you have a very interesting costume. Tell...


TDP Post-It: Thursday, Sept. 24

1. Marine Conservationist Dr. Amanda Vincent Speech  Dr. Amanda Vincent, marine conservationist and the 2021 recipient of the Indianapolis Prize, will be speaking on campus...

TDP Post-It: Tuesday, Sept. 21

TDP Post-It: Monday, Sept. 20

TDP Post-It: Friday, Sept. 17

TDP Post-It: Thursday, Sept. 16

Where is Late Night?

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