Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Features Editor Thomas Curdt gives insight into what is happening in The DePauw’s newsroom!

What’s So Special About The Greenhouse

Want to know of a new place on campus with the highest potential of being one of the best study spaces at DePauw? Well,...

Bust-A-Fit: Halloween Edition

Byron: So we’re here with Alayna Trier for a special edition of Bust-A-Fit: The Halloween Edition. And you have a very interesting costume. Tell...

Juuls at School: A Look at Vaping on Campus

Since 2016, vaping on DePauw’s campus has quadrupled from 9% to 36% according to the DePauw data set of the 2019 Indiana College Substance...

Trish Talks Identity, Stereotypes, And Not Dealing With Any B.S.

Byron: We’re with Trish. Looking fresh. Trish, tell me about what you’re wearing today. Trish: So, I’m wearing some mom jeans. I like to wear...
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