1. On Saturday, Feb. 24, DePauw’s Buddhist Club hosted their Lantern Festival at the Student Union Building. 

[A pink poster with red text and images of lanterns advertises the event, promising the opportunity to make paper lanterns, learn about Buddhism, and eat Asian snacks. There is a QR code to become a member of the Buddhist Club.]


2. At the event, participants could make their own lanterns. Tables were set up in the Union Building Living Room, with supplies like popsicle sticks, scissors, glue, colored paper, markers, decorative tape, and electric candles. 


[A table is set up in the lobby of the Student Union Building. All of the aforementioned supplies are organized on the table. Behind the table are three students, manning the table and working on their lanterns.]

3. The lanterns were made by gluing together six squares from popsicle sticks to create a cube, then covering the outsides in decorative colored paper. 

[Seven popsicle stick squares are spread across a table with paper and glue. A student sits across the table, gluing pink paper to the squares.]


4. The club provided a table full of Asian snack options like orange jellies, Hi-Chews, rice cakes, corn puffs, and other Korean and Japanese candies, biscuits, and chips. The cardboard boxes held extras.  


[A table in the UB lobby is covered in snack options, with a few cardboard boxes of extras behind the snacks that are set up. From the right, one hand reaches for a bag of chips. Three students behind the table work on their lanterns.]

5. Throughout the event, about 18 students stopped by to make lanterns, enjoy snacks, and ask questions about the activity. 

[Three students stand behind the table, one taking a photo, while five students stand in front of the table, talking, laughing, and observing the supplies on the table.]


6. According to the DePauw Buddhist Club’s Instagram, lanterns are a traditional symbol for sharing enlightenment. 

[A student holds a yellow paper lantern so the cardboard bottom with a lit electric candle is visible.]