DePauw Moves Classes Online for Remainder of Spring Semester


In-person classes at DePauw will be suspended after the end of the day on Friday , Mar. 13th. All class meetings will be suspended during the week of March 16th, according to an email sent out to all students from DePauw’s Critical Incident Management Team. Beginning Mar. 30, faculty will transition to e-learning.

All students are encouraged to leave as soon as they are able, but no later than March 20. Students can file for a housing extension under necessary circumstances, including:

  • International students who cannot return home or whose homes are in a time zone four or more hours different from DePauw.
  • Students who do not have reliable internet access at or near their homes or who cannot return home for other reasons.
  • Students who need access to specialized equipment to complete course work.
  • In rare cases, students who have other extenuating circumstances.

Information regarding housing, dining services, and other campus operations such as internships, study abroad, and visa status will be sent in follow up messages. Athletic events will continue until March 20 under the no fan policy, but all practices and competitions are cancelled for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Commencement will still take place on May 17, 2020. Alumni Reunion Weekend will also still take place on June 11 through the 14.