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Humans of DePauw: Jade Karas

Introducing a stunning smile here at DePauw: Jade Karas. Jade is a junior majoring in Chemistry and Art History. She initially came to DePauw...

Humans of DePauw: Iden Graham

Iden Graham is one of the newest additions to DePauw’s School of Music. The charismatic 18-year-old, who describes herself as someone who loves to...

Humans of DePauw: Professor Town Oh

Teaching one of DePauw’s most popular and exciting disciplines is Professor Town Oh. As one of the newest members to join the school’s economics...

Humans of DePauw: Yuna Sim

“I really wanted to abroad since I was in high school. As I graduated from a foreign language high school where I ...

Humans of DePauw: Brian Wolf

Representing Iowa City, Iowa, from the diverse population of students at DePauw University, is a brilliant young man, Brian Wolf. The 21-year old DePauw...

Humans of DePauw: Anya Melson

 A few weeks ago, DePauw University welcomed its incoming class of 2027. Amongst them is Anya Melson, a passionate 18-year-old swimmer who was excited...

Professor Sharon Crary

Professor Sharon Crary cannot exactly pinpoint one meaningful moment during her time teaching at DePauw University. While the question, “What’s an experience you’ve cherished...

Devin Dolquist

“Music is the only thing I’m good at. It’s the thing that I loved most in high school and middle school, and I was...

Professor Hiroko Chiba

“I’m very interested in Japanese cuteness now. So, I collaborate with Japanese researchers who do work on Japanese cuteness over there. I’ve been working...

Professor CJ Gomolka

“My dissertation was in 19th century literature, specifically sexuality and gender throughout the long 19th century, about 1789 to 1930. Recently I’ve been more...