Raised in Greencastle, Beth Haymaker was no stranger to DePauw. Growing up, she remembered visiting her mother who worked at DePauw, taking French classes when she got older, and even helping to prepare hot dogs for Monon games.

Image of Beth Haymaker, credit to Ahnaf Labib.

“I’ve always known DePauw was a [close-knit], supportive community and that DePauw provides students [with] outstanding academic opportunities and rewarding ways to get involved on campus,” Haymaker stated. 

As the Director of International Student Affairs, Haymaker has worked closely with DePauw’s international student population, supporting their transition from their home country to DePauw and even after graduation as they transition into their professional lives. From assisting students in navigating the web of U.S. immigration requirements for the first time to overseeing student groups such as the DePauw International Student Association and the DePauw International Student Ambassadors, Haymaker has continued to help students from around the world find their homes on campus. 

“The best part of my job is 10000% getting to know the students who bring so much curiosity, energy, intelligence, and excitement to campus—and who generously share so much of their home countries and cultures,” Haymaker stated. She described her time at DePauw as a valuable and continuous learning experience. 

Haymaker’s compassion and curiosity have extended to the environments she has called home. From growing up in the woods, Haymaker has found comfort in being surrounded by trees and familiarizes herself with the local fauna and flora to kindle her curiosity; however, after working in New York City for nearly 20 years, she has also grown her love for the city, particularly Brooklyn, for its food, people, and change of scenery. 

Although Haymaker has always called Greencastle home, discovering various cultures and experiences from international students has rewarded her curiosity and grown her love for learning, while reminding her that everyone can learn from each other and that people are more alike than different. “There is always room for connection and we are stronger when we join together in our infinite uniqueness,” Haymaker shared.