Thursday, August 13, 2020

AND WE BACK: The Return of Bust-A-Fit ft. Wema Wachira

Wema talks the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, finding herself through her style and how traveling the world impacted it. Byron: We’ve got Wema today....

Learning the Limits: Campus Drinking Crisis

This school year, 19 DePauw University students were hospitalized because of alcohol poisoning. Colleges nationwide are struggling to create a campus balance that allows...

Drag Ball

Photos by Chia-Yu Chuang

Signs of Spring

Massenet’s Cendrillon

‘It’s all ogre now’: Duzer Du Produces Plays in 24-hours  Story by Ian S. Brundige Duzer Du hosted it’s 24-hour theater festival “Insomniac” last Saturday. Twenty-one students worked together to write and produce six shows...

Stickers or no stickers?

DePauw students compare decorated versus undecorated laptops.


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