Monday, September 26, 2022
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Virtual Concerts: Hit or Miss?

Music fans can support their favorite musicians in so many ways, whether it be streaming their new music on Spotify the day it’s released,...

Support For Students: Title IX Assistance

Photo and Words by Grace Vanderbur On Monday February 24, the jury found Harvey Weinstein guilty of two counts of predatory sexual assault. As the...

Kind-hearted students encourage each other to

In a season where many students are celebrating the blessings they have been given, and one where all students are feeling the...

Sing along with the 12 Days of DePauw Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas DePauw gave to me… 12 Betas caroling On the eleventh day of Christmas DePauw gave to me…...

As 2015 ends, year's best albums chosen

2015 was an exciting year for music. The industry fought new battles as some artists removed themselves from Spotify and others formed...

Visiting professor and playwright caps time in Greencastle with readings of...

Heather McDonald came to DePauw in late August with her dog, some pictures and a dream. An award-winning writer with eight plays,...

Professor who is fascinated by the tiny receives state award

He is not the first from DePauw to receive this honor, but there is a great chance that he is not the last. ...

Playwright’s Festival showcases DePauw’s theatrical ambitions

This week, DePauw students have the opportunity to the witness the acting, directorial and writing talents of the DePauw community. The Playwright’s...

Physics, geometry and literature come together in “Arcadia”

You wouldn’t think that leather skirts and Regency jackets would have a lot in common. In Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia,” however, these...

Anonymous activists call out art injustices

Armed with wheat paste, gorilla masks and the names of dead female artists, the Guerrilla Girls took the world by storm. ...