Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Girl Once Scared of Everything Reviews Disney Halloween Movies

With spooky season here and thriving, you might find yourself in the midst of binge-watching horror movies on your various streaming platforms and preparing...

Bust-A-Fit: Halloween Edition

Byron: So we’re here with Alayna Trier for a special edition of Bust-A-Fit: The Halloween Edition. And you have a very interesting costume. Tell...

What Not to Wear

Spooky season is upon us which means haunted houses, candy and parties. For most, if not all of these events, attendees will probably wear...

Girl Scared of Literally Everything Reviews Horror Movies

With spooky season nearing its end, you might find yourself seriously disappointed by the number of horror movies you've watched this October.  If you're thinking...

The Female Gaze: Halloween Edition!

I used to ask my dad to tell me scary stories before bed, so it’s no surprise that I LOVE horror movies, halloween, and...

Hoover Hall opens this Halloween

The new dining facility, with a completely new set-up, is expected to be an upgrade from the old dining facility, The Hub

Still stuck on what to wear this Halloween?

Boulder: Wear all gray with some random lighter gray/white lines added on. For greater authenticity, roll around on the ground a bit;...

DePauw University baseball trades in uniforms for costumes, gives back to...

The DePauw baseball team hosts a softball game charity event, dressing in costume Saturday. All proceeds benefitted the Greencastle Little League. PHOTO COURTESY...

Easy DIY costumes for Halloween 2014

Members of National Panhellenic and National Pan-Hellenic councils played with  kids from the community during the annual Greek Street Trick-or-Treat.  ABBY  MARGULIS /...

OPINION: Halloween is your chance to act like a kid again

Madison Dudley is a first-year from Scottsdale, Arizona. Seeing that today is Halloween, I thought that I would write about something...