Still stuck on what to wear this Halloween?



  1. Wear all gray with some random lighter gray/white lines added on. For greater authenticity, roll around on the ground a bit; being outside for more than 100 years has done a toll on the old rock.
  2. Have your shirt say “1492, COLUMBIAN BOULDER, BY THE ALUMNI, TO ALMA MATER AND POSTERITY, 1892”, which is the inscription on the boulder.
  3. Find a friend who will run up to you every few minutes in a nude-colored bodysuit, because what’s the boulder without a boulder runner?

Mac Bites:

  1. Wear a yellow-y, orange-y, cheesy color. Try to make your whole outfit this color, but if you can’t, just the shirt will be fine
  2. Sew macaroni to the shirt. It doesn’t need to be too much, just enough so that people will get the idea. Feel free to sew them on loosely if you want to use the shirt again (or so that you can pull off a noodle or two if you get hungry)
  3. Get a pair of vampire teeth and bare them all night (Get it? Because you’re mac BITES!).


  1. Wear brown pants, a yellow shirt and a tan jacket to get that cheeseburger vibe. If you like your GCB more dressed up, feel free to add condiments.
  2. Hang a head of garlic around your neck on a necklace—but just one; those around you will appreciate it if you kept the stink to a minimum.
  3. Carry around a “Marvin’s Delivers” sign; bonus points if what the sign says matches the event you’re at.

Tyler the Tiger:

  1. Wear orange pants and shirt with black tiger stripes added on with marker, paint or paper
  2. Add tiger ears and a tail, plus some painted-on whiskers
  3. If you happen to be in possession of the actual mascot costume, The DePauw is not advocating for you wearing it for Halloween festivities, but if you happened to do so, you might just win the holiday.

Roy O. West:

  1. Wear a light-colored suit and add a patterned tie, some pale makeup and light hair coloring to match the cutout of Roy that hangs out in the entrance.
  2. Carry around (or tape to your face) a speech bubble with a hip phrase you think Roy might say about Halloween.
  3. Get a friend to follow you around with a whiteboard and markers to ask people a question; if you’re feeling generous, give a piece of candy to people whose answers you like.

President Brian Casey:

  1. Wear a snappy suit, which wouldn’t be complete without a tie (just make sure it’s not paisley!)
  2. Rock the bald cap and/or President Casey’s favorite yellow DePauw baseball hat.
  3. Carry around a stuffed dog, acting as his pup Emrys, or for a touch of irony, a tube of Colgate toothpaste