Monday, July 4, 2022
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DePauw Fraternity Goes Viral on TikTok

To many students’ surprise, DePauw’s campus made social media across the country after a fraternity’s halloween party went viral.  On Saturday, Oct 30, Delta Tau...

TDP Post-It: Friday, Oct. 29

1. Halloween Movie Experiences Join AAAS at the CDI for a screening of Candyman at 9:00 p.m. tonight as part of their Black to the...

Girl Once Scared of Everything Reviews Spooky Animated Movies

With Halloween on a Sunday this year, you can unwind and finish off the spooky season with your collection of spooky movies, whether these...

DePauwty Must Go On: Halloween Following COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, DePauw no longer had haunted houses in Greek residences, escape rooms at East College, or social events where students could dress...

Halloween Weekend Consent Tips from Sarah Ryan

Trigger warning: This article covers topics like sexual violence. Please read with empathy and care for yourself and your fellow peers. The weekend of October...

Top 10 Songs to Add to Your Halloween Playlist

As the October days fly by and autumn brings colder weather, the Halloween spirit approaches. Here are 10 songs for your Halloween playlist to...

Girl Once Scared of Everything Reviews Disney Halloween Movies

With spooky season here and thriving, you might find yourself in the midst of binge-watching horror movies on your various streaming platforms and preparing...

Bust-A-Fit: Halloween Edition

Byron: So we’re here with Alayna Trier for a special edition of Bust-A-Fit: The Halloween Edition. And you have a very interesting costume. Tell...

What Not to Wear

Spooky season is upon us which means haunted houses, candy and parties. For most, if not all of these events, attendees will probably wear...

Girl Scared of Literally Everything Reviews Horror Movies

With spooky season nearing its end, you might find yourself seriously disappointed by the number of horror movies you've watched this October.  If you're thinking...