On October 30, from 4 p.m.to 7 p.m., the Tenzer Technology Center, in collaboration with Gaming Club and DePauw E-Sports, hosted the much-awaited "Fright Fest 2023" at the UB Living Room. The event was a fun-filled Halloween celebration, featuring a range of engaging activities that captured the spooky essence of the occasion and were enjoyed by all who attended.

The venue was transformed into a captivating Halloween-themed space. At the entrance, guests were welcomed by seven meticulously designed pumpkin balloons combined to form a charming, but equally spooky, entrance to the festival. The air was filled with a festive ambiance, adorned with ghost-shaped balloons and spirited Halloween posters, setting the scene for an evening of ghoulishly delightful experiences.

All participants could enjoy free food and drinks displayed right at the entrance. The food and drinks were diverse, decorated, and specifically selected to fit the theme. Even the spoons, forks, and napkins were chosen with Halloween-like shapes and decorations. These things added to the bustling atmosphere of the event.

Moderating this exciting night were Michael Boyles and Laurel Tilton, the director and assistant director of Tenzer Technology, who ensured the event was filled with engaging activities for all. They also put on beautiful and cute costumes. Their guidance and enthusiasm further added to the lively spirit.

A highlight of the event was the plethora of modern technology experiences available. The Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, strategically positioned at the heart of the venue, proved to be a popular choice among students, offering an immersive experience. Adjacent to the VR setups were cozy circular couches, providing the perfect spot for engaging in conversation and card game sessions. Gaming consoles showcasing the latest video games were placed around the area, inviting students to indulge in various electronic adventures. These were all modern machines, displaying the investment of the event.

A diverse selection of card games, interactive gaming experiences, and modern technology machines drew a crowd eager for playful engagement. The UB was full of excitement, with students joyfully immersing themselves in the technological offerings and enjoying the Halloween-themed celebrations curated by the hosts.

The celebration was made even more delightful by the arrival of people dressed up in creative costumes. Their unique and imaginative outfits added extra excitement to the festivities, enhancing the overall Halloween spirit. The inclusion of a scavenger hunt proved to be significant for the event. This interactive activity offered participants the opportunity to engage in a thrilling code-breaking challenge, with exciting prizes up for grabs. Those who were able to decipher the hidden codes were rewarded handsomely, making the Scavenger Hunt a highly attractive feature at the event.

Attendee Ngoc Le shared, "I had a blast at Fright Fest, where I experienced virtual reality gaming, tarot reading, and delicious pizza. The VR game was a bustling marketplace full of fantastical creatures and vibrant colors. After completing the game, I got to talk with the tarot reader there - a super friendly and welcoming person. It was a unique and reflective experience that left me in awe.”

In summary Fright Fest 2023, orchestrated by Tenzer Technology Center, DePauw Esports, and Gaming Club was a remarkable celebration uniting technology, gaming, and Halloween-themed fun. The event seamlessly merged the thrill of modern technology with the traditional joy of Halloween, creating an unforgettable night of entertainment and camaraderie within the university community.