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DePauw students adjust to school life on and off campus

Over this past summer, Depauw announced their decision to offer classes both in-person and remotely in order to give students the best education possible...

Fresh Faces of D3 Dreams

Name: Thomas Brelege  Sport: Cross country & track Biggest pet peeve: People who lie  The most useless talent you have: “I can juggle.” Superstition: “I wear the same...

Class of 2021 opening convocation: photo gallery

Members of DePauw University class of 2021 and their families arrived in Greencastle on Aug 18 as part of first-year orientation, campus-wide procession, and...

The Mentor Learning Experience

An indispensable part of the DePauw first-year experience can be credited in part to the devoted students and staff of the mentor program.     “I...

Greek property opening up to first-years on Halloween weekend

This year, the opening of Greek spaces will coincide with Old Gold Weekend, the inauguration of Mark McCoy becoming the 20th president of DePauw, and Halloween.

Charles Kuykendoll ‘09 Ignites Class of 2020 Minds with “DePauwssibilities”

Former WGRE DJ and DePauw student council vice president, Charles Kuykendoll ‘09, welcomed the Class of 2020 to campus as part of the...

Alcohol violations increase, administration unconcerned

The DePauw University’s Activity Report and Clery daily log states that 12 alcohol violations have been reported since the first-year class moved into South...

Admissions works to recruit larger first-year class

With an incoming class of 541 students, the 2014-2015 school year started off smaller than usual. DePauw University typically aims for a class of...

DePauw first-years learn bystander intervention

Amanda Halfacre, coordinator for upperclassmen residence halls, sets the agenda for the evening's interACT program. BROCK TURNER / THE DEPAUW In...

Mold in Hogate Hall worries some DePauw University first-years

Mold Causes Concern in Hogate Hall from The DePauw Multimedia on Vimeo. Mold in Hogate Hall has been a topic of...