Fresh Faces of D3 Dreams


Name: Thomas Brelege 

Sport: Cross country & track

Biggest pet peeve: People who lie 

The most useless talent you have: “I can juggle.”

Superstition: “I wear the same pair of socks every Friday.” 


Name: Olivia Perez 

Sport: Field hockey 

Biggest pet peeve: Stopping in the middle of crowded path or hallway

The most useless talent you have: “I can touch my tongue to my nose (kinda).”

Superstition: “Bad luck comes in threes.”


Name: Zachary Napora 

Sport: Soccer 

Biggest pet peeve: Slow walkers 

Most useless talent you have: “I’m double jointed in my thumbs.”

Superstition: “I have to listen to music while I workout.”