Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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ChatGPT: Professors’ Perspective

Since it launched in late 2022, ChatGPT seems to have taken the academic world by storm. The artificial intelligence, or AI, language model enables...

Exploring the Evocative Repertoire of Sinta Quartet

Captivating the Greencastle community with their symphonic melodies, saxophone ensemble Sinta Quartet performed their musical collection “Spirits in the Machine” at the Kresge Auditorium...

The Academic Void Filled by Roy O. West

You cannot miss something you never knew. While hearing stories from seniors about the ‘good-old days’ when Roy was still open, this sentiment was shared...

Mendenhall Lecture Focuses on “The Criminal Injustice System”

On the nights of Feb. 5 and 6, Gobin Church displayed that hurt and hope can coexist in a space, and that the coexistence...

Insight into First-Year Resident Advisors

The transition to college is a tedious process for students and parents alike. With excitement and nerves, students slowly integrate themselves into their living...

DePauw Alumni: Where Are They Now?

With the Spring semester in full swing, graduation is on the horizon for the Class of 2023. With seniors making plans for where they...

Insight from International Students on Greek Recruitment 2023

Navigating the social scene at DePauw through Greek life comes with the promise of lasting connections, personal development, and a shared bond of siblinghood....

My Favorite Study Spots in the New Roy O. West Library

After three long years of studying in the nooks and crannies of DePauw’s campus and struggling to find a quiet place to do homework,...

Rick Sund Shares his Professional Journey in the NBA with DePauw...

Semi-retired NBA executive and senior advisor Rick Sund paid DePauw’s campus a visit on Wednesday, Feb. 8 to speak to students about his professional...

Peeler Awards Ceremony

Feb. 7 marked the opening reception and awards ceremony of the 2023 Annual Student Juried Exhibition. Hosted by the Department of Art and Art...