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Pets of DePauw: Noodle

“There are sacrifices I had to make, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world.” This is Noodle, the beloved cat and emotional support animal...

Humans of DePauw: Beth Haymaker

Raised in Greencastle, Beth Haymaker was no stranger to DePauw. Growing up, she remembered visiting her mother who worked at DePauw, taking French classes...

International Students Talk First Impressions of DePauw

Arriving at DePauw and adapting to a new environment hasn’t been easy. I’ve been battling with the temperamental weather conditions— it can be hot...

International Formal

On Saturday, April 29, the Prindle Institute hosted an international formal for students who came a long way to DePauw. Students celebrated their culture...

Senior Perspectives on Graduation

As seniors approach their last month on campus, they share their perspectives and feelings about graduation. After being at DePauw for four years, seniors...

Movie Review: The Super Mario Bros. Movie

I think once it was announced that Chris Pratt was going to be voicing Mario in the new Super Mario Bros. movie, everyone knew...

Soaring Across the Melodramatic World of “The Seagull”

From April 20-23, the DePauw Theater Department breathed life into the romantic melodrama “The Seagull,” Tom Stoppard’s version of the original 1895 play written...

Celebrating Women’s Legacies at DePauw

March is Women’s History Month, a time to look at the contributions and achievements of women, past and present, and to celebrate them with...

Endless Summer Vacation: An Independent Revolution for the 21st Century Woman

On March 10, Miley Cyrus released her eighth studio album “Endless Summer Vacation,” featuring a dynamic array of dance-pop songs that showcased her artistic...

Fraternity Life at DePauw in the ‘80s

Old photographs paint a picture of what it was like to be in a fraternity at DePauw over the years. Shared stories and memories...