Monday, March 27, 2023
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New Beginnings and Challenges for the Honor Scholar Program

DePauw’s Honor Scholar program is turning over a new leaf with the introduction of its new director, Rebecca Schindler. With a background in archaeology,...

DePauw Is Too Close To Home

Every year, prospective students are faced with the decision of attending college close to home, or finding a school elsewhere, putting hundreds, sometimes even...

New Class Times Conflict with Lunch Hour and Athletic Practices

DePauw offers a variety of classes and a flexible academic schedule for students. Course times range from  8:00 a.m. to as late as 7:30...

Have Pandemic, Will Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic halted DePauw University’s Winter Terms, semester study abroad programs, and May Terms in Spring 2020. Many students who were abroad during...

Poetry Opens the Door to the Whole World

Sitting under the sun on a Friday morning, English professor Joe Heithaus took notice of the sweetgum tree in front of the Memorial Student...

Q&A with Guinness World Record Holder Cole Hetzel

You may not have heard about it yet, but a Guinness World Record holder walks among us. Here on campus, first-year Cole Hetzel is...

DePauw Alum Brittney Brumfield Rocking Thursday Nights at Moores

Moores Bar and Grille has been a lively part of the Greencastle community since the late 1940’s, and now they will be hosting DePauw...

Longden Tunnels to be Removed

Residents of Bishop Roberts and Longden first-year residence halls have likely noticed that the tunnels connecting the two historic buildings have been blocked off...

DePauw Scraps Gold Committment

DePauw’s University’s Gold Commitment program, which began in 2018, is coming to an end due to lack of student interest, according to the program’s...

Mid-Autumn Festival: A Closer Look at Asian Cultures

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival that is honored by many East and Southeast Asian...