Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Newly-Formed Tiger Pep Band Debut

The newly-formed Tiger Pep band had their football debut on November 6. The DePauw School of Music is proud to announce the creation of a...

Monon to be Held at New Little Giant Stadium

After winning the Conference Championship at home last Saturday, the DePauw football team celebrated another victory with “Ballad of the Bell” ringing out from...

Girl Once Scared of Everything Reviews Spooky Animated Movies

With Halloween on a Sunday this year, you can unwind and finish off the spooky season with your collection of spooky movies, whether these...

DePauwty Must Go On: Halloween Following COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, DePauw no longer had haunted houses in Greek residences, escape rooms at East College, or social events where students could dress...

Halloween Weekend Consent Tips from Sarah Ryan

Trigger warning: This article covers topics like sexual violence. Please read with empathy and care for yourself and your fellow peers. The weekend of October...

Advice on the First Night Out

On October 31, first-year students are officially allowed on Greek property. DePauw administration put this rule in place so that first-year students can adjust...

DePauw Choirs Hold First Concert Since Before Pandemic

The DePauw choirs are holding a concert Wednesday, October 27 at 7:30 p.m. in Kresge Auditorium in the Green Center for the Performing Arts....

Top 10 Songs to Add to Your Halloween Playlist

As the October days fly by and autumn brings colder weather, the Halloween spirit approaches. Here are 10 songs for your Halloween playlist to...

DePauw’s Double Standard: Policy Promotes Inequality for the “First Night” Out...

Article written by Olivia Jennings, Ella Tobias, and Layla Brown-Clark As upperclassmen women, we are no strangers to the DePauw party scene and drinking culture....

House of Opulence: Wealth & Prosperity at DePauw

House of Opulence intends to strengthen DePauw’s Queer community through a call-to-action for allyship and student support across campus. Aaron Trinidad, a current sophomore from...