Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The senior moment: Swim through it, not over it

The phrase "senior moment" can usually be associated with an elderly person that has a lapse in memory, logic or mental function. When I...

Speaker programs should bring current decision makers to campus

The vacuous speech of Dr. Ron Paul arose from the institutionalization of professional speakers and endowed speakers' programs. An endowed speakers' program is required to...

Energy Wars 2014 arrives

You may be wondering, "What is Energy Wars and why should I care?" Well, the Eco Reps are here to fill you in on...

Saving energy on campus helps create a more sustainable DePauw, planet

How many times have you seen the light suddenly go off because of a power outage? Not many, I guess. Because electricity is constantly...

Divesting DePauw of fossil fuels: the 2040 goal

The campus-wide anti-fossil fuel movement "Divest DePauw" is for the most part, unseen, but its organizers are diligently working to maintain and expand its...


We asked what students thought about presidents Casey and Hess joining together against HJR6.
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