Juuls at School: A Look at Vaping on Campus

Since 2016, vaping on DePauw’s campus has quadrupled from 9% to 36% according to the DePauw data set of the 2019 Indiana College Substance...

Poll Results: Ron Paul

Yes     71% (45) No       22% (14) Undecided     2% (1) Indifferent about speakers     5% (3)

Share your thoughts: Does wellness day look like spring break to...

This year, spring break was divided into five individual days, intended to support student “mental health and restoration,” according to the schoolwide email from...

Cornhole vs. Bags: A Classic Midwest Rivalry

What I thought would be a simple question in my 10:00 a.m class became a full-blown debate, turning my once-friendly classmates into monsters. The...

TDP: Gabriela Lena Frank

In this video, The DePauw sits down with Garbriela Lena Frank to ask her some questions about being last week's...

The wild is closer than it appears

Only 40-minutes from DePauw University in Center Point, Indiana is the Exotic Feline Rescue Center providing a home to over 160 exotic felines. The...

VIDEO: Dear Freshman Me 1

Part 1 of a 3 part video series on what upperclassmen would tell their freshman self.  
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