5 Hidden Spaces

The McKim Observatory is located a few blocks west of Kroger on DePauw Avenue. (Tilly Marlatt/ The DePauw)

This article is the first installment of a three-part series exploring hidden spaces on DePauw’s campus and within the Greencastle community.   

  1. People Pathways
Anthony Baratta shows off while riding along College Street near campus. Numerous streets throughout the city are certified as a People Pathways trail. (Tilly Marlatt/ The DePauw)

People Pathways serve to connect public spaces for walkers, runners and cyclists. With over 12 miles of trails and a recent trail addition to the map just a few weeks ago, the People Pathways trail system provides public spaces for walkers, runners, and cyclists. Anthony Baratta is pictured riding his bike on the People Pathways route along College Street. “I ride my bike everywhere and am grateful to People Pathways for making the ride smooth. How else are you going to learn about the underappreciated hills of Putnam County?” Baratta said. The map of the trails is located here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxaZR4npyjlANmdSczI4SmFhSTQ/view

  1. DePauw Nature Park
The top of the Ian and Mimi Rolland Welcome Center, located at the main entrance of the DePauw Nature Park, provides a bird's eye view of the park. (Tilly Marlatt/ The DePauw)

The DePauw Nature Park spans 520-acres just west of campus offering seven trails, the Ian and Mimi Rolland Welcome Center—which allows visitors to climb the stairs to the top of the building for a bird’s eye view of the park—and the Manning Field Station. The park also allows visitors visitors to a variety of plants and wildlife. Junior Donna Riner works at the DePauw Nature Park and enjoys the relief that the park offers from the daily hustle on campus. “Every DePauw student should visit the Nature Park,” Riner said. “It is a beautiful place and being outdoors is great for your mental and physical health.” @depauwnaturepark is the official Instagram account for the park and provides updates on events at the Nature Park. A map of the nature park can be accessed here: https://webtest.depauw.edu/about/campus/naturepark/trail-guide/

  1. The DePauw Campus Farm
Sophomore Moises Lopez Soltero finds volunteering at the DePauw Campus Farm to be a humbling experience. (Tilly Marlatt/ News21)

The DePauw Campus Farm has moved from its previous one-acre location near the Prindle Institute for Ethics to a new site behind the Indoor Tennis and Track Center. The farm has nearly doubled its acreage in production from one-acre at the previous farm site to nearly three-acres of production at the new location. The new location will soon be the home of the Ullem Campus Farm and Center for Sustainability. Pictured is sophomore Moisés López Soltero who volunteers at the farm and said he finds the work humbling. Volunteers are always welcome to help harvest and can contact campus farm manager Joseph Garbe to learn about more opportunities.

4. Thrifty Tiger

Junior Emma Houston hangs up clothes at the Thrift Tiger located in the basement of Mason Hall. (Tilly Marlatt/ The DePauw)

Whether you are in need of a suit for your next job interview or simply wanting to shop local, the Thrifty Tiger may be the store for you. The Thrifty Tiger is the campus thrift shop operated by the Sustainability Leadership Program. The store is located in the basement of Mason Hall. Students can access the space with their student ID via the doors facing Lucy Hall. The shop has yet to establish their hours for the semester but will be posted soon on the DePauw Sustainability Facebook page. Prices vary based on item, and the shop accepts both cash and card.

  1. McKim Observatory
The McKim Observatory is located a few blocks west of Kroger on DePauw Avenue. (Tilly Marlatt/ The DePauw)

The McKim Observatory is only a few blocks from campus, and with ideal weather conditions, the observatory can provide excellent opportunities for exploring the sky at night. The McKim Observatory is only open during scheduled open house tours throughout the year; however, special tours can be arranged, according to the observatory’s website. More information about tour dates and directions to the observatory can be found at the following link: https://www.depauw.edu/academics/departments-programs/physics-astronomy/mckim-observatory/astronomy-open-house/