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Survivors Must Be Believed and Supported, Not Sued

“If you’re found responsible for sexual misconduct at a university in America, your future is arguably over. The lawsuit is the only way...

The Survivor Who Walks Among Us An account of sexual assault...

*Trigger warning: This article contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to some readers. Junior Aika Torres was 18 years old...

Words We Use Help Promote a Culture of Sexual Assault

“There are 1,000 different ways to be a man. Don't let treating women like shit be one of them.”  This conclusion in Toby Morris'...

Title IX survey sent to students, incentives offered

The short survey asks students about sexual assault that they have experienced and/or witnessed.

Don’t Blame it on the Alcohol

Sexual assault occurs when people do not respect personal boundaries and do not ask or look for consent. While presumably well-intentioned, President Mark McCoy stated...

Reported sexual assaults close to double on DePauw's campus

There were 11 reported rapes on DePauw’s campus in the last calendar year.

Green Dot bystander intervention program takes over campus sidewalks in social...

Though leaves on campus may be losing their color as the season begins to change, campus as a whole is still turning...

A problem with our sexual dialogue

On Monday night, the DePauw community received an e-mail from Public Safety director Angela Nally with the subject line, “Timely Warning.” The e-mail notified...

University of Virginia’s Jesse Matthews case sheds light on transcripts reflecting...

Federal investigations into the way institutions of higher education handle sexual assault reporting and accusations has spurred a public conversation about sexual assault on...

Code T.E.A.L. announces spring speaker

A screenshot of Laci Green's YouTube channle, Sex+.  Green will visit campus later this spring for Code T.E.A.L week. LEANN BURKE / THE...