Title IX survey sent to students, incentives offered


On Tuesday morning DePauw University students received an email to fill out a survey about sexual assault on college campuses. The Title IX survey is aimed to gauge sexual assault, harassment and domestic violence incidents on DePauw’s campus.

“It ranges everything from language to actual sexual assault and rape,” said Julia Sutherland, assistant dean of students.

The short survey asks students about sexual assault that they have experienced and/or witnessed. The survey is also aiming to gauge a sense of what students do and don’t know about Title IX policy.

The survey was created by an outside research firm, eduOutcomes.com, and the results of the survey will be released between January and February. Sutherland said the information will be released after the DePauw receives the results in early of next semester, and the University hopes to include student leaders and student organizations in deciding the best way to present the information to the DePauw community.

There are incentives for students to fill out the survey. “We are giving away Monon tickets,” Sutherland said, along with bookstore “swag”.

For students who do not fill out the survey within the next two weeks, a second email will be sent to remind students, along with a follow up email a few weeks later. The survey will be open for the next six weeks.