Monday, March 27, 2023
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DePauw launches new student success initiative; details “still in the process”

A new DePauw University program guarantees graduates either a job or further education if they have neither six months after graduation. News of the program,...

World’s first robot citizen set for next Ubben Lecture

Dr. David Hanson and his robot Sophia will be the next speakers in the Ubben Lecture Series. Their lecture will take place in Kresge...

Krista Tippett to speak as Mendenhall Lecturer on Thursday

“Words matter. They shape the ways we understand ourselves, the way we interpret the world, and the way we treat others” said Krista Tippett...

ESPN Founder and DePauw alumnus featured as Ubben Lecturer

Bill Rasmussen, founder of ESPN, began his Ubben Lecture with an important question pertaining to the Monon Bell game. “And the bell is staying...

A culture of consumption: DePauw students talk about drinking life on...

The number of hospitalizations this school year has risen to 22, proving that the problem of binge drinking on DePauw’s campus is not going...

Postponed projects arise from budget concerns

Capital projects are being delayed as DePauw University struggles to stabilize its financial future. President Mark McCoy said at the September faculty meeting the current...

Another Old Gold in the books

Old Gold is a DePauw University campus tradition that dates back to 1907 when it was used as a way to stop increasingly violent...

Lisa Frazier Page’s Human Interest Stories Prompt Discussion on Racial Issues

Connecting with people is a key part of the job for an experienced journalist like Liza Frazier Page. In a lecture to the DePauw...

Musings on Mainstream Media in America

I always attempt to follow a large group of mainstream media providers from both ends–and the middle–of the political spectrum. Because every last thing...

Passing of New Professor Startles DePauw Community

Darby Morrisroe, a DePauw University political science professor, died unexpectedly June 15 in Indianapolis. According to an email released by the department of political...