Monday, September 26, 2022
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Compton Center, DePauw students respond to police brutality

After George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police on May 25, 2020, a new wave of protests about police brutality and racial injustice rose...

Greencastle runs Drug Takeback Day on April 24

On Saturday, April 24, Greencastle is hosting one of its Drug Take Back Days. The event was first organized in 2010 by the Drug...

No Longer A False Alarm

  Twelve fire alarms have gone off across campus since the beginning of February, according to the Crime and Fire log. Most cases are false...

DePauw Climbs The Ranks Of Forbes And U.S. World And News...

DePauw has recently been climbing the ranks against other colleges, according to both U.S. World and News and Forbes. The university is currently tied...

Pop the DePauw Bubble

Do you often find yourself frustrated about on-campus issues? As college students, we worry, we’re busy, but most of all, we want change. Although...

Campus Construction Aims For A More Sustainable DePauw

When classes started last week, students were met with ripped apart streets and fences around buildings like Julian, Peeler and the Green Center for...

Lee Hamilton' 52 and Richard Lugar encourage students to "speak up"

Former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar and DePauw University alumnus and former U.S. Congressman Lee Hamilton' 52 were on campus Feb. 15 to talk about restoring civility in American civic life.

DePauw launches new student success initiative; details “still in the process”

A new DePauw University program guarantees graduates either a job or further education if they have neither six months after graduation. News of the program,...

World’s first robot citizen set for next Ubben Lecture

Dr. David Hanson and his robot Sophia will be the next speakers in the Ubben Lecture Series. Their lecture will take place in Kresge...

Krista Tippett to speak as Mendenhall Lecturer on Thursday

“Words matter. They shape the ways we understand ourselves, the way we interpret the world, and the way we treat others” said Krista Tippett...