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TDP Post-It: Monday, Sept. 21

DePauw Dialogue 2020-2021 DePauw Dialogue will look different this year.  “I believe one day is not enough to achieve the intellectual, multi-faceted learning experience we...

bell hooks, Liberation, and DePauw Dialogue : part I

BY: Summer Pappachen We desperately need to ask ourselves what the purpose of DePauw Dialogue is going to be moving forward. It is clear that...

New DePauw Dialogue Structure Met With Both Praise And Criticism

The change in the structure of Wednesday’s DePauw Dialogue was met with mixed reviews from participants. Many students who attended DePauw Dialogue in previous...

Q&A with Renee Madison

Renee Madison, senior advisor to the president for diversity and compliance and Title IX coordinator is the organizer of DePauw Dialogue. TDP: How have...

First-Year’s Observations On DePauw Dialogue

“From a community perspective, to have a shared community experience where we talk about systemic issues of power and privilege and diversity,” Madison said. “So it’s not a day off of class, it is a day where we all are engaging in one big campus community classroom.”

We need to dialogue more

I chose to attend Jada Monica Drew’s afternoon session at the Day of Dialogue, expecting (based on the title of the session) to be...

DePauw Dialogue 4.0 allows for positive conversation among DePauw community

There were no protests on campus this year. Instead, on Wednesday, students, faculty and staff filtered out of Lilly holding brightly colored pictures with...

Words from my father

I would like to thank everyone who attended DePauw Dialogue.   You challenged your cultural understandings and engaged in an alternate way of learning....

Jed Smock and friends crash Day of Dialogue

The group of about four men held signs reading “Homo sex is sin” and “fear god.”

Dr. Keith E. Edwards explains being a good ally

When fighting for social equality, Dr. Keith Edwards stated that people must think about how to become allies to those around us.


Opinion: We Are Better Than This

In the wake of the tragic insurrection incited by President Trump on Capitol Hill this past Wednesday, DePauw Student Government released a statement encouraging...

TDP Post-It: Friday, Dec. 4

Jack Kneisley: Landlocked

TDP Post-It: Tuesday, Dec. 1

TDP Post-It: Monday, Nov. 30