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DePauw Dialogue 4.0 allows for positive conversation among DePauw community

There were no protests on campus this year. Instead, on Wednesday, students, faculty and staff filtered out of Lilly holding brightly colored pictures with...

Words from my father

I would like to thank everyone who attended DePauw Dialogue.   You challenged your cultural understandings and engaged in an alternate way of learning....

Jed Smock and friends crash Day of Dialogue

The group of about four men held signs reading “Homo sex is sin” and “fear god.”

Dr. Keith E. Edwards explains being a good ally

When fighting for social equality, Dr. Keith Edwards stated that people must think about how to become allies to those around us.

Demonstration at day of dialogue interrupts keynote speaker

    A congregation of over 40 students dressed in black and holding signs held a silent demonstration during the speech of DePauw Dialogue’s keynote speaker...

DePauw University develops diversity and inclusion plan

NICOLE DECRISCIO / THE DEPAUW Only one student attended the feedback sessions held by the Diversity and Equity Committee last week...

EDITORIAL: Black History Month an opportunity for DePauw to continue campus...

LEANN BURKE / THE DEPAUW In 1926, Carter G. Woodson together with the Association for the Study of Negro Life and...

OPINION: Why the “M” requirement is not enough

Senior Prindle Intern Rachel Hanebutt from  Huntington, Indiana.  After an emotionally-charged and educational first DePauw Dialogue, many are asking: “What's next?”...

EDITORIAL: Unbiased reporting with an unbalanced staff

As a newspaper, we are obligated to report the news on DePauw University’s campus. Perhaps our community’s most pressing issue, campus climate, has been...

LETTER: Professor encouraged student attendance at DePauw Dialogue

To the Editor, While I fully appreciate that there are important questions of policy and principle involved in mandating attendance of various...