Thursday, February 2, 2023

TDP: Insomniac Festival 2016

The DePauw gets the inside scoop on the excitement and stresses of particpiating in the 24-hour Insomniac Festiva

Learning the Limits: Campus Drinking Crisis

This school year, 19 DePauw University students were hospitalized because of alcohol poisoning. Colleges nationwide are struggling to create a campus balance that allows...

A Gentlemen's Guide to Love & Murder

  DePauw Theatre kicks off its 2019-20 season with the musical comedy, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder. When Monty Navarro, the black sheep...

Poll Results: New dining service's biggest issue

Lack of seating                     (0) 0% Long lines                ...

Poll Results: Ron Paul

Yes     71% (45) No       22% (14) Undecided     2% (1) Indifferent about speakers     5% (3)

Bust-A-Fit: Moisés Lopez Talks Queer Spaces, Representation and ICE

Byron: We’re here with Moisés. Always noticed you had a dope style. Very cool dude. Very stylish guy. Tell me about your outfit today. Moisés:...
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