Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Plan Ahead for Winter Term 2022

The time has come for DePauw  to gather information about students' plans for winter term. This year,  DePauw’s winter break will begin at 5:00...

TDP Post-It: Thursday, April 15

1. Updates to COVID-19 Regulations An email sent on Thursday, April 15 by the COVID-19 task force highlights updated COVID-19 regulations. There will be one...

Winter Term service course likely returning to El Salvador

As stray dogs wandered in and out of a Nicaraguan hospital, senior Evan Miller laid exhausted in his new bed. Sick and quarantined, he...

Greek leaders prepare recruitment schedule, 61 students to miss

Student Academic Life has said they are allowing IFC and Panhellenic to create their own schedules for recruitment, as long as it takes place between the new dates.

Paris aftermath at DePauw:

Across the ocean from the tragic events in France, DePauw is responding to the effects of Friday’s attacks on Paris. Friday evening, International...

Winter and May term courses being offered for credit change DePauw's...

Beginning with the 2014 Fall semester, DePauw started offering many Winter and May Term courses for credit, which in turn has created an indirect...

Winter term trips: Worth the price?

First-year Natalia Fumero D'fana in ​Salzburg, Austria with the school of music winter term trip. PHOTO COURTEST OF NATALIA FUMERO D'FANA ...

Winter Term created to plan day of inclusion

Students and faculty gathered in Watson Forum in the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media Monday to discuss the day of inclusion for next semester....

DePauw Chamber Symphony starts Kickstarter Campaign for January performance

The kickstarter campaign for DePauw's chamber symphony. About every other year since 1975, the DePauw University Chamber Symphony goes on a...