The Winter Term Extended Study has allowed students to thoroughly focus on and study a particular subject for three to four weeks. Students have explored their interests through either taking a class on campus, studying abroad, attending a service learning trip, completing an internship, or creating an independent study. 

Khanh Nguyen ‘24 has taken Korean History Through Film with Professor Town Oh, where she developed a deep sense of love and patriotism. 

Nguyen said Oh integrated Korean culture into the course through a variety of approaches from teaching the Korean alphabet, hangul, to experimenting with making gimbap, a Korean dish made with rice, vegetables, meat, and fish, rolled in dried seaweed. Oh followed up these lessons with films portraying the bloodshed of the Korean War, which made it an unforgettable “rollercoaster ride,” according to Nguyen. 

“I wholeheartedly recommend this course not just to curious minds but also to students who find themselves lacking purpose [or] hesitat[ing]to pursue [their purpose] because the more you learn about the cruelty of the past, the more you understand about your present and future,” said Nguyen.

Some students have also embarked on new experiences and explored hidden talents. Annette Tran ‘26 participated in her first theatre production at DePauw with Professor Ronald Dye’s DePauw Theatre Mainstage Workshop Production, where she performed in the world premiere production of the musical ‘Till Death Do Us Part, written by School of Music alumna Teresa Shunk ‘23. 

“I had zero theatre and musical background but the crew was so helpful and kind to me,” she said. “Just don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun with the production!”

Off-campus Winter Term courses have also allowed students to fulfill their Extended Studies requirement while experiencing a new culture abroad. Reagan Dees ‘26 traveled to Mexico City for The Flâneur's Megalopolis Winter Term with Professors Glen Kuecker and Alejandro Puga. 

By immersing themselves in the Spanish language and Mexican culture, Dees’s cohort learned about the history of the people of CDMX and the political, social, and economic factors that impact them today. “All [of] the political graffiti, posters, and evidence of dissent was incredible to see,” said Dees. 

Similarly, Francisco Avila ‘24  made a trip to Oman on An Arabian Odyssey with Professors Mamunur Rashid and David Alvarez.

Avila has recommended DePauw students take this Winter Term to “get out of their comfort zone and have the opportunity to embrace and open themselves to an amazing culture.” Within three weeks, Avila has made friends with people from Oman and has lasting memories to carry beyond his time at DePauw. 

Photo courtesy of Francisco Avila



DePauw values experiential learning and has integrated this into the curriculum of Winter Term courses. Students are encouraged to explore their interests either on or off campus through DePauw’s unique Winter Term experience.