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Fire Hazards: a Bigger Priority than Sexual Assault

My friend and I were having a discussion the other day, and she told me a story that filled me with so much disgust...

Sahu brings Indian culture to Greencastle with Bollywood film course

Political Science professor, Sunil Sahu, will be leading a winter term course on campus entitled “Bollywood Films: Classic and Modern,” continuing a budding tradition of cultural education.

Faculty governance pass motion in support of sanctuary campus

The deliberation lasted for over an hour on Monday afternoon and resulted in an affirmative vote of 84 to 12.

Prindle receives $10,000 donation for Summer Camp based in diversity

The Inclusive Summer High School Institute for Philosophy will be for high school juniors who come from historically underrepresented groups

David Cameron to give Ubben Lecture Thursday

Cameron’s lecture will be followed by questions from the leaders of DePauw’s student media outlets; WGRE, The DePauw and D3TV.

Chromed bicentennial bison gives community a fresh look at itself

The people of Greencastle will be able to view themselves like never before when the Putnam County’s bicentennial bison is completed. The bison donated by...

Jeff at the Movies: Christmas Special

With only days left in this semester and the temperature outside quickly falling, Jeff at the Movies is looking towards the holiday season....

WGRE Column

The Music Department of WGRE has experienced the pleasures of an extremely broad range of newly released albums so far this year. From the...

The Dakota Pipeline: a case of environmental racism

As Thanksgiving comes around each year, most Americans spend time with family and friends spreading the holiday spirit, myself included. It seems to be...

There are better organists than baseball organists

You might think that the best display of raw talent by an organist would be during the 7th inning stretch at a baseball game,...