Jeff at the Movies: Christmas Special


With only days left in this semester and the temperature outside quickly falling, Jeff at the Movies is looking towards the holiday season. It only seems fitting that during a week we may be graced with our first snowfall, and many people's first Boulder Runs, that I look at a few holiday film classics.

My all-time favorite Christmas movie is Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946). The movie has become deeply ingrained in the nation’s culture. One would be hard-pressed to find a film or television show that has not paid homage to the let-me-show-you-how-the-world-would-look-if-you-weren’t-born trope. Lots of shows have ripped full scenes from this movie, like the lassoing of the moon.

The message of the film is what takes the cake for me. During the season of giving, perhaps the best lesson is to remember the impact we have on others. Also, I’m a big Jimmy Stewart fan.

The next film is Charles Schulz’s iconic “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (1965), which is not actually a full-length film, but my column means my rules. I feel like we have all related to good ol’ Charlie Brown at some point or another. Besides, what is better than watching a cartoon child deal with an existential life crisis?

The television special takes a different approach in the meaning of Christmas because Linus actually recalls the biblical story of Christmas. However, it is not really discussed after this moment. Thanks to this special, I do not think that I can see a Christmas tree without saying, “I never thought it was such a bad tree.”

The third and final movie is the Bruce Willis action flick, “Die Hard” (1988), which I think qualifies because it is set on Christmas Eve. However, I do not agree when people say it is their favorite Christmas movie. Simply put, if you say that “Die Hard” is your favorite Christmas movie, we cannot be friends. You do not need to be counterculture about everything. That being said, I’d be down to watch “Die Hard” again, so hit me up.

Well gang, it’s been a fun semester. Hopefully you have learned something from me because I’ve learned from you all. We have laughed, cried, and have grown. With finals coming up, maybe consider taking a study break with a Christmas favorite (unless it’s “Die Hard”). Until 2017, take care of yourself and each other. I’m Jeff at the Movies.