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DePauw Office of Sustainability Cuts and Changes: What's Next for Sustainability...

Sustainability efforts at DePauw University have undergone significant structural changes. In the past, there used to be 3 staff positions that worked with sustainability:...

TDP Post-It: Wednesday, Sept. 16

Violation of University Directives Clarification The Crime and Fire Log references a type of activity called “Violation of University Directives.” There have been five...

‘Greenhouse Gases Got To Go:’ Students Protest Climate Change

“When the air we breathe is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!” chanted DePauw students last Friday, Sept. 20 as...

Students Learn And Practice Sustainability At Ullem Campus Farm

Tucked behind the athletic facilities, over the train tracks, and beyond the beaten path to the Nature Park, lies the Ullem Campus Farm. Originally...

Community Bikes offer a more sustainable option for transportation

The whir of a bike rushing past is an all too familiar sound for many students. It seems as though bikers are always zipping...

Campus Farm interns grow over the summer

The campus farm continues to provide the DePauw and Greencastle community with an abundance of fresh, organic vegetables, despite its small size. Anthony Baratta, director...

Why 2015 is a great year to go vegan

2015 is a great year period, as life and "Back to the Future II" have taught us. But it’s an especially good time to...

Sustainability Leadership Program will launch in the fall

Junior Thomas Miller, current sustainability director, pushes a wheelbarrow at the Campus Farm as part of the Eco Reps initiative. PHOTO COURTESY OF ANTHONY...