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College football is better than the NFL

Football season is just around the corner, and when you’re making your weekend plans, here’s why you should make sure your Saturdays are free...

Everyone should give recruitment a try

 Greek life is not for everyone.     Some people love it. They fall in love with their respective fraternity or sorority, and they can’t...

DePauwlitics: Afghanistan, defeating enemies, victory, etc.

 After a summer of many political happenings, it is refreshing to be back in Greencastle writing DePauwlitics again. But unfortunately, while the summer...

Fire Hazards: a Bigger Priority than Sexual Assault

My friend and I were having a discussion the other day, and she told me a story that filled me with so much disgust...

A Trump Presidency Never Should Have Happened. Here’s why it...

It was apparent that this was a “change” election due to the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and yet the Democrats trotted...

Open and honest dialogue is crucial in moving forward

I wrote in my last opinion piece that this election was immensely important overseas. This point was no better demonstrated than on election night...

More Than An “Off” Saturday Night

I chose to voice my opposition to the newly elected president Trump Saturday night by attending a “Trump Resistance Rally” in Indianapolis. My...

Puerto Rico: la isla del encanto

"I cannot understand how 3.5 million citizens that have American citizenship are not allowed to vote for their Commander in Chief by the same country that asks them to fight in their wars."

A Tale of Two Seeds: Monsanto and the Dicamba Wars

This wouldn’t be unusual if not for the fact that the use of dicamba on genetically modified crops is illegal in all 50 states.

Enough is Enough: Stop the Fire Alarms

This past Saturday, residents of Bishop Roberts suffered through their tenth false fire alarm this semester. While pulling a false fire alarm is a...