Friday, March 24, 2023
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Puerto Rico: la isla del encanto

"I cannot understand how 3.5 million citizens that have American citizenship are not allowed to vote for their Commander in Chief by the same country that asks them to fight in their wars."

A Tale of Two Seeds: Monsanto and the Dicamba Wars

This wouldn’t be unusual if not for the fact that the use of dicamba on genetically modified crops is illegal in all 50 states.

Enough is Enough: Stop the Fire Alarms

This past Saturday, residents of Bishop Roberts suffered through their tenth false fire alarm this semester. While pulling a false fire alarm is a...

Letter to the Editor- President McCoy

Dear Editor, I write to clarify my views on an item in the most recent issue of our school newspaper in an article that...

Facilities Management: Stop Locking Our Doors

I know I usually write ludicrous opinions that serve no purpose other than to entertain my skewed sense of humor, but I am genuinely...

Sleeping in solitude: finding a place to relax at DePauw University

Last week a Letter to the Editor posed the question: “How Harmful is Segregated Housing to Campus Diversity?” So to start, I would like...

Words from my father

I would like to thank everyone who attended DePauw Dialogue.   You challenged your cultural understandings and engaged in an alternate way of learning....

Letter to the Editor: How Harmful is Segregated Housing to Campus...

On September 7, 2016, an article appeared in The DePauw hailing the creation of Rainbow Floor, a residential floor for members and allies of...

Thrifty Finds

"Browsing through the collection at Goodwill is always an adventure for me"

Could Mike Pence Get Any Worse?

"The crisis in East Chicago does not interest Mike Pence because East Chicago is an impoverished, non-white city"