Everyone should give recruitment a try


 Greek life is not for everyone.

    Some people love it. They fall in love with their respective fraternity or sorority, and they can’t imagine life without it. But for many different reasons, Greek life is not for everyone, and that is okay. But even if you are someone who does not think Greek life is for them, you may still want to experience rush.

    I represented my fraternity at the “Glow Greek” event held by the Interfraternity Council of DePauw. This was an event that allowed first-year students to ask questions about Greek life to members of every fraternity at DePauw. During the event, I got to meet many different people from different fraternities, and it really opened my eyes.

    DePauw has a very diverse Greek life scene. There are houses that represent all sorts of people. I had a truly incredible time meeting all these different people. This opened my eyes to the possibility that there may be first-year students who may believe there isn’t a fraternity or sorority for them, even though there may actually be one. This is why you should rush. It doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. If you come out of it and still don’t want to join a house, that’s okay. But at least you know you gave it a shot.

    Another reason you should experience rush is the opportunity to meet new people. Formal rush forces you to attend every fraternity or sorority during rush, which some people may see as a drag and a waste of time, but it is really a cool way of seeing different sides of DePauw. Who knows, maybe you will have a great experience with a guy or girl and become great friends with them, even if you don’t decide to rush that fraternity or sorority. By not rushing, you don’t give yourself the chance to meet new people from different groups around campus.

    If you are someone who doesn’t think Greek life is for you, then rush can be a time to reassure your feelings. If you go through the experience and none of the houses seem appealing to you, then at least you know. The last thing you want is to look back and say to yourself, “I wish I would’ve given it a shot.”

    Again, Greek life is not for everyone. Whether you join a fraternity or sorority though, rush can be a beneficial experience for everyone. Don’t let yourself ask “what if,” if you decide not to rush. Give it a shot and see where it takes you.