Friday, March 24, 2023
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A Letter From The DePauw Hillel Executive Board

Dear DePauw Community, The members of DePauw Hillel’s executive board would like to express their deepest sorrow to the many members of our community who...

DePauw: Where's the letterhead?

  This sad story all starts in Math class a few days back. It's about 9:30 AM.       Now I'm not one to walk out of...

Party in the Back

Even though I have written three opinion pieces thus far, it recently came to my attention that I have yet to share my voice...

1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

With the election coming up just around the corner, many Americans are unsure who to cast their vote for. Should Americans vote for the...

Sweet or Sour

Have you ever played the game Sweet or Sour? I used to play the game Sweet or Sour, cruising around Steamboat Springs by foot,...

New Course Requirement: a Benefit, Burden, or Both?

It's a rare privilege for a first-year to appear in the school paper during his/her first week at college, and I was greatly honored...

Safety is not a contract

Recently ranked the 4th best college in the nation, the University of Chicago issued a letter to its incoming freshman class. In this letter,...

Sunscreen? More Like Dayscreen

As the season transitions from summer to fall, you may find yourself squeezing every ounce of hot, sunny weather into your day. Playing volleyball...

Cheesecake Factory: Middle-class Hero

As I opened the newspaper on Friday morning I was thrilled to see that there was an article about my favorite place in the...

Tightly Wound Cog

I follow the path cresting the flowing rock walls into a wooded area. On a boulder, I find a puddle likely formed from the...