Musings on Mainstream Media in America


I always attempt to follow a large group of mainstream media providers from both ends–and the middle–of the political spectrum. Because every last thing simply must be about America in the media, my Apple News widget is full of Trump, more Trump, and even more Trump.

Lately, the news has been shaken up with the hurricanes, so there has been a slight change of pace in the news world. What isn’t okay is when news providers like The New York Times rank the Boston Red Sox up at the top with DACA and major natural disasters.

I just want to know where our priorities went. Trump certainly needs to be held accountable for any actions he makes, but does every headline need to be about him? As a student, I barely have time to read each article I see in depth, so I skim headlines just like most Americans that I know.

I have to dig to discover lots of important news, such as North Korea’s missile tests causing landslides, India’s supreme court supporting a thirteen-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted, and the Egyptian president warranting inhumane torture to collect information. Still, all we care about is what celebrities wore to the Emmy’s and what newest offense our president has said.

It is incredibly important that he gets reported on, but because of the 24/7 exclusive Trump coverage, it took me three whole days to find out about the bombings in London that happened on Sept. 15. How is that okay?

Right now. all I can see on Apple News is headlines about some model taking scandalous photographs and several unnecessary re-evaluations of the election that happened almost a year ago. I still see headlines saying “Why Hillary Lost,” and while it’s certainly important to understand that, it’s just not what the country needs to be focusing on. What the country needs to be focusing on is the rest world, not just ourselves.