Monday, December 4, 2023
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God Save the Queen: In Defense of Julie Andrews in Princess...

Dame Julie Andrews has graced film, television and stage throughout her career, doing such with elegance and grace that can only be described...

My Big Fat Greek Misunderstanding

Over the weekend, DePauw administration sent out an email regarding “pairings,” which we define as social gatherings between two Greek organizations. The email stated...

Be skeptical of the US, not North Korea

The DePauw’s editorial on Korea matched Trump’s ignorance of and hostility toward the country. Evidencing a remarkable lack of knowledge on the matter (even...

Tests vs. Projects: Projects

It is 3 a.m. the morning of a test, and you are cramming every fact on your study guide that you don’t remember learning...

Some Thoughts for Us “Good Guys” at DePauw

Anyone reading the news or using social media has been inundated with stories of sexual assault, from high profile cases such as Harvey Weinstein...

Forgetting How to Love?

Harvey. Irma. Maria. Las Vegas. Four major events to have devastated the United States just within the last few months. With so many disasters...

Musings on Mainstream Media in America

I always attempt to follow a large group of mainstream media providers from both ends–and the middle–of the political spectrum. Because every last thing...

New look opinion section

In past years, we have relied on letters to the editor and submissions from students and faculty members to fill the opinions section every...

College football is better than the NFL

Football season is just around the corner, and when you’re making your weekend plans, here’s why you should make sure your Saturdays are free...

Everyone should give recruitment a try

 Greek life is not for everyone.     Some people love it. They fall in love with their respective fraternity or sorority, and they can’t...