Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Editorial: Don’t Fall Into the Cascade: It’s Not that Deep

It’s happening with COVID-19, it happens with politics, and it happens with the environment: tragedy spurs paranoia, paranoia attracts the media, the media stirs...

Dear Dr. Lori White,

As the editorial board, we wanted to welcome you to TDP and the larger DePauw community. As a small campus, DePauw may feel quite...

Get More Z’s, Please?

How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Five, six, maybe seven? According to the Mayo Clinic, adults require 7-9 hours of...

Saying No To “Grind Culture”

We live in the age of nonstop texts, 6 second videos, short phone calls, and neverending news notifications. If we don’t appear busy, then...

Hot Takes For Your SADurday

You’ve probably heard of Valentine’s Day, but have you heard of SAD? If you haven’t, you’re probably in a relationship. But for you single...

Don’t Make A Ruckus After The Iowa Caucus

One app. One caucus. One huge disaster. The Iowa caucus that took place Monday night exemplified the perils of technology creeping into voting processes...

Should We Cancel Cancel Culture?

Last week at the Obama Foundation Summit, former President Barack Obama took a shot at cancel culture. He explained that cancel culture isn’t effective...

Pop the DePauw Bubble

Do you often find yourself frustrated about on-campus issues? As college students, we worry, we’re busy, but most of all, we want change. Although...

Cheers, Tears and Jeers to you DePauw Spring 2019

Cheers to campus renovations, Tears to 56 staff members who lost their jobs, Jeers to the continuing lack of transparency within DePauw administration.   Cheers to...

It’s not all bad, we promise

Finals, finals, finals. We get it, a final over here and a final over there, here’s a final, there’s a final, everywhere’s a final....