Cheers, Tears and Jeers to you DePauw Spring 2019


Cheers to campus renovations,

Tears to 56 staff members who lost their jobs,

Jeers to the continuing lack of transparency within DePauw administration.


Cheers to Doug Harms’ letters to the editor discussing sexual assault,

Tears to the students who still don’t feel safe at DePauw,

Jeers to the student who had weapons on campus.


Cheers to softball going 19-0 in conference,

Tears to the beloved coaches who lost their jobs,

Jeers to a last minute route change in the Little 5 course.


Cheers to a Beta party without alcohol

Tears to a BAC of .47,

Jeers to the inconsistent application of the Medical Amnesty Policy.


Cheers to Brooks Hepp for writing nearly 100 stories,

Tears to unhealthy amounts of sleepless nights,

Jeers to faculty who don’t understand student journalism.


Cheers to you DePauw,

Tears to you DePauw,

Jeers to you DePauw.

Through all the cheers, tears and jeers, DePauw is what we make of it. Cheers to the good things that happen in the DePauw community, tears to the times the DePauw community has felt uncomfortable or unsafe, and jeers to all of the bad, secret and uncalled for things. Let your time at DePauw and beyond inspire you to create more to cheer about, less to cry about and give you the courage to call out the wrong in the world around you.