The Greencastle community is as heartwarming as ever and always uplifts DePauw in its endeavors. Now we have a chance to lend our support by interacting and enjoying the ShamRock 5k with Greencastle locals. This casual marathon involves a path through downtown Greencastle, free t-shirts as well as food and drinks for participants.

Image of residents running in the Shamrock 5K. Courtesy of Shamrock 5K website.

This year’s marathon kicks off at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 9.  If you wish to honor St. Patrick’s Day celebrations,  you could sport a festive green attire. A 5k marathon may sound daunting, but with spring around the corner and sunny days ahead, this is an event to look forward to. Don’t worry if you can’t run or jog–you can enjoy a leisurely walk with friends around Greencastle. Upon completion of the walk, you could receive exciting prizes.

More importantly, the ShamRock Marathon is an opportunity to embrace the upcoming Annual Greencastle Music Fest. Held from August 23-24, the festival boasts a grand outdoor concert experience complete with live bands, team games and more. Expect performances from the Crashers, Chris Ferrara and Clayton Anderson. Through the ShamRock 5k, the Greencastle community hopes to raise funds for the Festival by the summer.

As students, we often express our desire for festivities on campus and around downtown. So  grab a friend or two this weekend and head down to Almost Home where the marathon will start. Enjoy the vibrant and charming atmosphere that Greencastle has to offer. 

Registration is open until 9:30 a.m  on Saturday, March 9, so sign up for the event and find out more about the Greencastle Music Fest through the ShamRock website!