Tigers Go Home (And Abroad) for the Holidays

Photo Courtesy of Kieran White

With finals ending on Dec. 16, a break from the busy semester is tantalizingly close, as DePauw students push through to the end of classes. From traveling abroad to enjoying the holidays at home to taking Winter Term courses, we asked students around campus what they are doing for the holiday break and Winter Term. 

Many students, such as DePauw junior Carson Brown, plan to fill their break with exciting trips. For the holiday break, Brown plans to celebrate Christmas while vacationing in Michigan to ski, followed by a work trip to Indianapolis. Brown also said that he will be “going to London for Winter Term with the Science and Culture of England course.”

DePauw junior Carson Brown (Photo Courtesy of Carson Brown)

Similarly, sophomore Pushpita Saha plans to travel to a new state for break. 

“I’m doing an independent study in computer science while I visit my relatives in Brooklyn and celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Lunar New Year with them,” Saha said. 

She noted that she had never been to New York City before and was excited to have the opportunity to visit a new place. 

DePauw sophomore Pushpita Saha (Photo Courtesy of Pushpita Saha)

Sophomore Carly Thomas plans to spend the holiday season with her family in Charlotte, North Carolina before returning to DePauw for Winter Term. 

“From there, I’ll be attending CES, an electronics convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, with professor Michael Boyles,” Thomas said. “I’m excited to get to go to CES, since it’s not open to the public!”

DePauw sophomore Carly Thomas (Photo Courtesy of Carly Thomas)

Overall, DePauw students are excited to take the time to rest, try new things, and visit friends and family over the holidays. As Winter Term begins, many are thrilled to have the opportunity to travel to new places and experience new things throughout the month of January. Have a safe and relaxing holiday season, Tigers!