TDP Post-It: Thursday, Sept. 24


1. COVID-19 Numbers Update

There are 10 active cases of COVID-19 on campus as of noon on Sept. 24, according to the COVID-19 dashboard. Just yesterday there were only five active cases. Forty-six community members are currently in quarantine. 

2. DePauw Student Gov. Helps Students Register to Vote Ahead of General Election

DePauw Student Government is on week two of their voting campaign. The organization’s instagram has a linktree in the bio with information on voting first steps, how to vote in college, and a beginner’s guide to the history of voting.

The deadline to register to vote in the state of Indiana is Oct. 5.

3. Students Join Greencastle Residents In Rally For Black Lives

On Saturday, a crowd gathered on the lawn of Putnam County Courthouse for another week of Black Lives Matter rally. This week, DePauw students joined Greencastle residents and DePauw faculty and staff in chants of “Black Live Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace.” At the protest’s peak, there were about 50 participants, an increase from 20 the past  weekend. 

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