TDP Post-It: Thursday, Oct. 22


Here are the things to know today: There are now seven active cases of COVID-19 on campus. Students and professors discuss cancelling class for Election Day. Students reflect on wearing masks. With students both on and off-campus, hear how students are adjusting. 

1. COVID-19 Update

As of noon today, there are currently seven active cases of COVID-19 on campus. Four students are in isolation, and 21 are in quarantine.  

2. Cancelling Class On Election Day Debated By Professors, Students

With Election Day approaching in less than two weeks, professors nationally are making decisions on whether or not they will conduct classes on Tuesday, Nov. 3. DePauw students and professors join the debate.

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3. Students Struggle to Adjust to Remote Learning, Limited Social Interaction Amidst Health Regulations

With about half of DePauw’s students taking classes completely remotely, and half taking classes on campus, students have faced a handful of new challenges this semester.

Senior Jonathon Tebbe called his experience this semester, “a day by day thing.” While Tebbe says that some days are great, he says, “there’s some days that I definitely wake up in the morning, and I sit down at the computer, and I’m just like, in this fog.” He attributed that partially to a lack of “face-to-face interaction."

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