TDP Post-It: Friday, Oct. 9

  1. DePauw Announces Further Changes to Spring Calendar 

Although the first four weeks of the spring semester will offer virtual classes only, students will have the option to return to campus in phases, according to an email sent by President Lori White today.

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2. Cornhole, Bonfire Scheduled for Each Weekend in October

Students can gather at Ullem Campus Farm from 2 to 3 p.m. this Friday and every other Friday in October for cornhole and a bonfire. 

3. On-Campus DePauw Students Prepare to Vote in 2020 Election

Students living on-campus have been weighing their voting options for the upcoming election. 

For out-of-state-students like Joseph Sullivan, Brooks Coats and Lindsay Uhritch, voting by mail is the easier option, regardless of the pandemic. They each described wanting to avoid the hours of driving it would take to vote in-person. 

First-year Elias Alexander said, “[I want] to vote because it’s one of the handful of ways we can influence the government. There’s petitioning and other things, but voting in particular is so integral to the democratic process that it’s hard to imagine living in our society without doing so. I’m not glorifying its efficacy or anything because voting can feel pretty hopeless, but you should use what’s handed to you.”

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4. Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Members Released From Quarantine Today 

Phi Delta Theta fraternity members ended their two week quarantine today after a member living in the house tested positive for COVID-19 on Sept. 25.

There are now zero active cases of COVID-19 on campus and only two students remain in quarantine.

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