Tahj Dosso

Tahj Dosso '21
Tahj Dosso ’21

“Right now I am the Social Event Coordinator and Public Relations Chair for African Students Association. I am a council member for The Brotherhood. I am also a campus life intern. With campus life and being an intern there, I see more of the guts of DePauw. I’m seeing how things are done. Like how first year, it felt like I was behind a door. Now that I have this position, I’m outside the door. I can see everything that’s happening. I understand now.

“It (DePauw) is changing me and I’m noticing the change. I have an analogy to think of it. Over the summer before college, I went to the Six Flags Resort with my mom and my sister. And there was this like thing where you could jump off and there’s a giant balloon at the bottom. So you jump off and you fall onto the balloon, and there’s this gut feeling like “oh my gosh, oh my gosh” and then you hit the balloon. And when I got off the ballon, I looked at it and I was like wow. In the midst of the fall, I was so frightened. I was like there’s no way I’m getting out of this. But when I did it again, I knew how to handle it and it became fun. That’s how I think about DePauw. I’m in the midst of the fall right now, and I can’t grasp it all entirely. I’m grasping it slowly though, and once I descend and land on the balloon all the way, then I’ll truly understand.”