Monday, September 21, 2020
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Inadequate Closure: How Seniors’ Last Years Are Disrupted By Pandemic

“I think the general expectation for senior year is a magical culmination of all four years, a capstone of closure. As COVID began unfolding,...

First-Year From Home: Online Learning and Mentoring

Whether learning from home or on campus, first-year students have redefined what it means to be a Tiger amidst the social, academic, and structural...

President White proposes $10 million plan for 2020-21 budget gap

The board of trustees’ executive committee supports President Lori White’s proposal to balance the estimated remaining 2020-2021 budget gap. President White proposed to close...

All in for DePauw Misses Goal, Raises $400k+

DePauw University’s goal of 2,019 donors for its newly structured DePauw Day of Giving was not met, but $505,719 was raised from the 1,879...

The DePauw & D3TV: The Ghost Haunting Roy

Have you heard about the haunted books in Roy O. West library? The DePauw and D3TV talked with Wes Wilson about the ghost of Gov. James Whitcomb which supposedly guards the rare books he donated to the school.

The Problem With The Presidential Prospectus

Last Friday, the DePauw Presidential Search Committee released its prospectus, “which provides an overview of DePauw for candidates and a description of the role...

Condoleezza Rice Talks International, Domestic Politics

Amid tight security and a student protest, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice engaged in a wide-ranging public conversation Tuesday night facilitated by Kathy...

Setchells Will Leave DePauw In Early November

According to a press release, Steve Setchell, vice president of development and alumni engagement, will resign on Nov. 1. He has been appointed the...

Campaign for DePauw Raises More Than $300 Million

On Thursday, Oct. 3, co-chairs of the Campaign for DePauw, Sarah Reese Wallace ‘74 and R. David Hoover ‘67 announced that the campaign raised...

BOT To Weigh In On Thursday On Move Of Wellness Center

The final decision on the new location of the DePauw Health Wellness Center could be made on Thursday, Oct. 3. Warren Whitesell, associate vice president...


TDP Post-It: Weekend Update

COVID-19 Precautions for Students Travel According to  Health Practice Recommendations and Requirements, on-campus Students who go home or leave campus for the weekend are...

TDP Post-It: Friday, Sept. 18

TDP Post-It: Thursday, Sept. 17

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