Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Thanksgiving is Inherently Harmful? Let’s Talk About It

I am sure we all can remember the story about the Pilgrims and Indigenous people of Native America feasting with each other in elementary...

Over the Garden Wall: A Spooky and Whimsical Watch for your...

With the seasonal Netflix recommendations and annual reruns of Halloween classics, I doubt you have a shortage of entertainment for your spooky season. Everyone...

Sounds Of The Summer

Summer 2021 marked fresh starts for an emerging and evolving world in the midst of COVID-19. We watched the world slowly open up as...

More Than A Million: Aaliyah’s Music Re-released

It has been years since Aaliyah Haughton’s music has been available to the public. Though Haughton has managed to keep her R&B presence years...

First-Year Orientation Helps International Students Begin Semester Successfully

International Student Orientation International student move-in for the Fall semester was staggered from Aug. 16 to 22 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, though most first-years...

Beyond the Bubble: Challenging yourself away from campus

IMAGE COURTESY OF PURE BARRE. Summer is an important time for us DePauw students. Not only do we need endless hours for...

Beyond the Bubble: My summer spent as an entrepreneur

Upon accepting my job offer as a manager for Young Entrepreneurs Across America back in December, I was very excited. Also, I had no...

EDITORIAL: Unbiased reporting with an unbalanced staff

As a newspaper, we are obligated to report the news on DePauw University’s campus. Perhaps our community’s most pressing issue, campus climate, has been...