Monday, March 27, 2023
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Student activists want DePauw to be a Sanctuary Campus

While President McCoy was not on campus during the march, he did send a campus-wide email the same day.

Bon Appetit finds a way to limit food waste

Being an all-you-can-eat food service, Bon Appetit has found it difficult to limit its food waste in the past.

Public safety uses tiered system for campus alerts

The most extreme situations will be alerted through text messages in the Emergency Notification System.

Fire burns in Mason before Thanksgiving break

Students felt the process for getting them out of the building was effective, but many wished that they were more quickly informed about the situation.

No reported rapes on DePauw’s campus make it to court in...

When it comes to charging DePauw students, particularly in relation to sexual assault, the county prosecutor does not think DePauw students should be treated any differently from Greencastle residents.

European Horizons, working thinktank comes to DePauw

With the installation of its chapter on campus, DePauw University has became the first liberal arts university to be part of the thinktank, European...

DePauw basketball teams gear up for their 2016-2017

Coming off a NCAA tournament bid with five talented seniors, last year's DePauw University men’s basketball team hoped to live up to the success...

For the first time since 2008, DePauw will house the Monon...

After winning the Monon Bell Saturday, the DePauw University Athletics Department has to answer a question they haven’t been asked in eight years. What...

Victoria Houghtalen’s work on Clinton campaign not lost, even though her...

Junior Victoria Houghtalen believed fate brought her to work on the Hillary Clinton campaign in Granville, Ohio this semester.

TOTW: Andy Hunt

Sophomore Andy Hunt is an integral part of the this year’s Tigers offense. He is also senior quarterback Matt Hunt’s younger brother. Gathering 689...