Facilities Management: Stop Locking Our Doors


I know I usually write ludicrous opinions that serve no purpose other than to entertain my skewed sense of humor, but I am genuinely irritated this time.

I live in a duplex somewhere on campus (I will not disclose my address for fear of clowns) and have had Facilities Management stop by multiple times. I have absolutely no problem with this whatsoever. In fact, Facilities is always friendly and helpful when they come by to fix or inspect my home. It is when I am not there that they do something so irritating it drives me mad. They lock my doors.

Not only do they lock my bedroom door, which is usually left unlocked because my roommates do not steal from me too often, but they lock my front and back door as well.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Vegas, shouldn’t that make you happy? Don’t you want your house locked?” The answer to that is of course I do. However, if my home happens to be unlocked when they come by, then it should stay unlocked. Why? Because if my house is unlocked then I clearly do not have my keys on me. Stop locking me out of my home, Facilities.

Ok Facilities, I get it, it is standard protocol to lock the doors as you leave. But just because something is a rule does not mean it is a good rule. In fact, sometimes rules can even be dumb. The last thing I want to do after having a long day of studying and working is to be locked out of my home.

I honestly wouldn’t mind getting locked out if it were not for the fact that it takes at least twenty minutes to get the door unlocked. I have things to do and they do not include waiting for public safety or an R.A. (who, by the way, also has things to do) to come by and unlock my own home.

Oh yeah, and let us not forget how they charge money to my student account when it happens. How does that even make sense? Essentially my landlord is coming by to inspect my home while I am at work, then locks my door, then has the nerve to charge me money to get it unlocked. Do you see how that does not seem right?

Facilities, I am not mad. I love when you visit, and I really appreciate you fixing my home when it seems to be falling apart. Just please stop locking me out. Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s time I buy myself a key chain.